New for sale

Listed building (to be renovated) in Millan

Bressanone Millan
310 m² 7 6 €1,350,000
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General information
Reference number 3579
Transaction (for sale / for rent) For sale
Status New for sale
Price €1,350,000
Net living area 310 m²
Commercial area 400 m²
Area balconies/terraces 24 m²
Number of rooms 12
Number of bedrooms 7
Number of bathrooms 6


Listed building (to be renovated) in beautiful and sunny position in Millan/Bressanone for sale.

This is a former farmhouse, which is under monument protection and is located in the agricultural green. The project for the renovation has already been approved. There are planned 3 residential units with a size of approx. 80 - 117 m².

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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